the Addicted Hearts duet, now complete. 

I fell in love with a broken soul. She fell in love with mine.
Addicted hearts, bruised and battered and torn in half yet when put together, make one seamless whole.
It’s messy, and ugly, and sometimes grueling, but it’s ours, and that’s what makes it so perfect.

Pretty Reckless
(Book 1)

I make bad decisions. In one day I screwed my best friend, my roommate, and my sort-of my boss. 

Wait ... I'm getting ahead of myself. 

I drink too much and smoke like a chimney. I lost my job, my home, and my will to live. See? Bad decisions.

I didn't ask Chase to take me in when my life fell apart. My options were limited and, despite the tattoos and piercings, my BFF has some sort of sick white knight complex I can't wrap my head around. 

Chase has always been my safe haven. An antidote to my life of crazy. But, I never expected to start thinking about him the way I have been. Fantasizing. Lusting. Wondering.

Until a moment of weakness landed him in my bed.

One night of toe-curling, back-bowing passion I'll never forget. And I've tried. It's impossible. 

What do I do now? With anyone else, I'd just get up and sneak home, but this isn't just another faceless guy. This is Chase

And I am home. 

"Her body is my drug. I need it to feel normal."

This story is powerful, emotionally unstable and crippling in its destruction. Beautiful and disastrous. You are going to be hooked.
— Amazon Reviewer

Pretty Ugly
(Book 2)

We were meant to live happily ever after, 

a promise I sealed with a band of gold. 
Our road was rocky and rough, yet worth every mark etched on my heart. 
Kat is my addiction. 
I'm her salvation. 
Two hearts joined in pain. 
Yet beneath the surface of our intended bliss, a tsunami was brewing. 
An unstoppable force driven by deceit. 
Now I'm back in New York -- the city that stole my soul -- caught between the future that awaits and a past that won't let go. 
I promised us a happy ending
But the ugliest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

"Chase and I were forged in fire, our hearts twisted and fused, forever burning."

Once again, Jane Anthony delivers a heartfelt, emotional, and sometimes soul-shredding love story that will stay with me forever.
— International Best-Selling Author Dani Rene'