Pretty Reckless 

I fell in love with a broken soul. She fell in love with mine.
Addicted hearts, bruised and battered and torn in half yet when put together, make one seamless whole.
It’s messy, and ugly, and sometimes grueling, but it’s ours, and that’s what makes it so perfect.

Chase and I were doomed from the start.

My life was chaotic, and his was calm. He planned for the future, while I lived for the day. I danced in the sun, while he hid in the shadows.

The day I discovered he shared my demons was the day I lost my heart to him.

The tattooed man with aqua eyes and bow tie lips; we were addicted hearts bruised and battered and torn in half, yet when put together made one seamless whole.

Chase wasn't a man who fell for women like me, and I wasn't a woman who fell at all, yet he made the plummet seem so sweet.

So I leapt, I crashed ... then I let go.

I was never meant to fall in love. But neither was he.  

"Chase and I were forged in fire, our hearts twisted and fused, forever burning."

This story is powerful, emotionally unstable and crippling in its destruction. Beautiful and disastrous. You are going to be hooked.
— Amazon Reviewer