Chasing Casey (Off Limits Duet #2)


Two men. One woman. One impossible choice. 
AJ Morello resides in darkness. Tortured by regrets, tormented by nightmares. He snuck into my heart with his brooding gaze and filthy mouth, but half of it wasn't mine to give. 
Austin Krehley lives in the light. The ranch hand on my family's farm, the man who will always own a part of me. I vowed to love him forever, but that was a promise impossible to keep.

Torn between two men, I find myself bounded by a future that awaits and a past that won't let go.
It should have been easy. Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. They both live happily ever after.
But, unfortunately, this isn't that kind of story. 

Jane Anthony has a talented writing style that I’m highly addicted to, as she, once again, captured all of my attention from the very beginning, not letting me go even after the last page. Her diabolical twists and turns have the f-bombs dropping loudly throughout, as she kept me guessing until the very last page.
— Jennifer Pierson (The Power of Three Readers)