Chasing Casey (Off Limits Duet #2)

Two men fight for the attention of the one woman in this provocative love triangle. 


I don't date musicians. In my experience, rock guys equal nothing but trouble. Yet I find myself drawn to the dark and broody drummer that snuck his way into my heart. Beneath the arrogant grin and cocky one-liners, AJ Morello is a lonely man, burdened by the choices he's made. But he's not the only one with regrets.

Mine goes by the name of Austin Krehley.

The ranch hand on my family's farm, the man that will always own a part of me. After seven years spent chasing my dreams, I find myself back in Texas, back with him. Yet, I can't stop longing for AJ, the man I promised I'd return to.

Two completely different men hold pieces of my heart, but I can't have them both.
A sexy country boy and a sultry rocker -- how's a girl to choose?

Jane Anthony has a talented writing style that I’m highly addicted to, as she, once again, captured all of my attention from the very beginning, not letting me go even after the last page. Her diabolical twists and turns have the f-bombs dropping loudly throughout, as she kept me guessing until the very last page.
— Jennifer Pierson (The Power of Three Readers)