Chase's hot bod vs Jane's big ass

A FRIDAY edition of the Anthems?? WHAT?! Jane's losing her marbles!!

Yeah, I know ... Y'all are used to getting my mindless ramblings earlier in the week, but this issue is a special one.

This one has Chase's HOT BODY in it. 


Before we all ooooh and aahhhh over the delicious specimen that is Tanner Chase Jr., I'm going to shake things up and tell you about the hot mess I'm working with. 

You see, when I start a project, I get so hyper-focused on it that everything else sort of falls by the wayside. I drink way too much coffee, eat way too much junk, and I'm just a tad obsessed with candy.

While scrolling through Instagram, one usually finds pics of people's children, pets, etc, but not mine. No, I like to post gummy bears. They're sweet, fruity, and the best part is, you can bite their heads off and they never talk back! It's perfect! That is, until you need some lube and Hacksaw Jim Duggan to wrestle you into your jeans one morning. My ass is big, y'all. I'm not even gonna play. 

So, now that Pretty Ugly is done, it's time to become hyper-focused on Jane for a change. I started this diet (kill me!) and it's actually going pretty well. I may miss my sugary, little friends like the deserts miss the rain (queue the dramatic music) but, when this morning's scale flashed a number four pounds lower than it was before, I did a happy dance in my yoga pants! 

That skeleton is wishful thinking. I don't have a weight loss goal or anything. That would take planning, and we all know how good I am at planning stuff.

Spoiler alert - I suck at planning stuff. 

But for today, I'm not feeling pretty reckless or pretty ugly (see what I did there? I'm clever sometimes!). My jeans may still be tight, but overall, I'm feeling pretty good. 

In other news ... Chase. *le sigh* He's so f*ckin' sexy. I've been dying to show you this cover forever. The muscles, the tattoos, the sad, broken expression on my main man's gorgeous face! *drool* Oh, and Kat's pretty hot, too ;)

Dani Rene' at Raven Designs totally went above and beyond. This book is no joke emotional, and Dani captured the essence of the story with perfect precision. Could it be that she claims Chase is her husband? Maybe. But the branding for this book is amazeballs and I'm utterly in love with all of it. Especially Chase. He's so delightfully damaged, it's hard not fall head over heels. If lovin' a fictional character that I created myself is wrong, then I don't wanna be right! 

I've already given up candy, I'm not giving up my book boyfriends, too ;) 

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It's okay, you can lick it. We both know you wanna...

It's okay, you can lick it. We both know you wanna...