All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl

“Snow!” she seethed, shaking her fist.

That frigid white nightmare currently blankets everything as far as the eye could see. It crystalizes the tree branches and adds a midday luster to the sky at night. Cold piles of nuisance taunting me, making this wintery isolation feel endless.

It’s all my husband’s fault. The brilliant man he is, he claimed the snow-blower was taking up too much room in the garage and moved it into the shed behind our property. That was Sunday. Cut to Wednesday when a nor’easter blew in and dumped over 2 feet of frozen tundra on my town leaving us homebound and powerless for three entire days.   

That’s right. THREE DAYS. Now I know how Jack Torrance felt. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, indeed. Never fear, I’m not at the redrum stage yet. Close. But not quite.

To say I’m a little perturbed is an understatement. I hate snow. And now we’re stuck with piles of it as high as the balusters on my porch. The kids are stir crazy, the grown-up man-child is ornery, and I’m just sitting in the corner with my nose in a book pretending I’m somewhere on a beach. Meanwhile, the view from my window looks like this:

On a positive note – spring’s right around the corner and with it comes the release of Pretty Ugly. *happy dance*. This. Book. Is. EVERYTHING. I’m not even kidding. The few early reviews that have come in so far have been magnificent and I’m so anxious to get this into your hands!

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*Jane closes her eyes and imagines cheers emanating from the crowd*

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