new year

Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you guys partied like maniacs and recover like rockstars. New Years is usually low key in the Anthony house. Add a raging head-cold to that, and you get some kind of beached whale, junk food, TV situation that's not super glamorous. This year, the dude and I sailed through Season 5 of Breaking Bad, a pile of chicken wings between us, and a litter of tissues on the ground. It was sexy. 

I know I thanked you in my last email, but its January 1 and I'm feeling sappy. Three years ago, I never would have guessed that I’d be the author of 6.5 books, a signer at one of the largest romance book conventions, and a name that people recognize. It amazes me. All I ever wanted to do was write. I never anticipated how far it would take me.

As most of us do, I headed into 2018 with big plans. Some goals I hit, some I didn't. It was a wild, educational, sometimes grueling ride, full of highs, lows, too much coffee, more candy, and imaginary assholes keeping me awake at night. I became a best-seller, left my job, flew to Florida, met so many amazing readers, authors, bloggers - made lifelong friendships that will last forever. I made mistakes, I made progress, I made way too many childish dick jokes, and y'all stuck with me the whole way. 

All in all, it was a fantastic year and I'm not sure what 2019 has up its sleeve, but it has really big shoes to fill. 

So what's coming in 2019? I'm making plans and would love some reader feedback as we head into the new year! As a special THANK YOU, everyone who fills out the form (and includes their name) will be entered to win an Amazon gift card! (Questionnaire CAN be done anonymously, though.)

The survey should take you a few minutes. 

Thank you again for everything! Here's to a GREAT 2019!