last first kiss

From USA Today Bestselling author, Jane Anthony, comes a swoon-worthy, second-chance love story.

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Jesse Dylan was my best friend, my first kiss . . . and my first heartbreak.

Watching him walk out of my life almost ruined me. But years have passed, and the pain of losing him has long since faded.

Or so I thought.

One glimpse in his cobalt eyes and those old wounds reopened. Jesse wants a second chance at what might have been, but it’s too late. I’m with someone new. Someone safe. Someone who can’t break me.

Yet the heart wants what it wants, and mine has only ever beat for the one who got away. I can’t deny him. I can’t resist him. He consumes my every waking thought and invades my dreams.

After all these years, I find myself wondering if I’ll ever truly stop loving the boy who taught my heart to hurt.

Jesse abandoned me when things got too difficult once.

I’m about to find out if lightning can strike twice.

Last First Kiss by Jane Anthony is an incredible and soulful story. The anguish and heartache filled the story beautifully. It was tragic yet perfect. The love story broke me with the powerful writing, impressive storyline full of heart-rending emotions and brilliant characters.
— PP's Bookshelf Blog