Resurrecting Hope

A dirty, dark, & dangerous standalone romance.



That's all I was. Property to be used at Jack's discretion. A plaything for a maniacal madman hell-bent on watching me suffer. I loved him, but the longer I stayed, the more twisted his games became. I had no choice. I had to run. 

Hiding in small town USA, I have a new name, a new look, a new life. Quiet and safe, locked away from my tortured past. But when Hank saunters into town, he kicks up more than sawdust and dirt. He sparks desires inside me I can no longer hide; ignites a flame long since burnt out. 

Now as the lies begin to pile around me, my secrets slip out one by one. The past is coming. It's time for me to run again. Because despite my feelings for Hank Lawless, the devil will find me and he wants what's his. 

There are so many emotions that tumble through you while following Hank and Hope’s journey I can’t even begin to explain it. There was so much passion, love, and anguish in this story I couldn’t put it down.
— Best-selling author, Dani Rene'