Jesse Dylan is coming!

Around October-ish, I was having lunch with my friend PA Allison. A little deli in my hometown that has the best bagels in the area. We were sitting in the corner minding our business when a man walked in.

Blonde stubble covered his jaw and curled out from underneath this dirty ball cap. A full, sexy grin crossed his lips when he saw me. He walked to my table and whispered, "Hey, good-lookin."

"Jesse Dylan" in the flesh.

He swept me off my chair the way he swept me off my feet all those years ago. One strong hug and my teen years passed before my eyes. He was more than my friend. He's the one that got away. The timing was never right, and eventually, we each went down the paths life lead.

That afternoon ... Last First Kiss was outlined on napkins at that tiny deli table. Of course, most of the story is fiction, but a lot of it is based on true events, down to the tribal sun tattoo. A piece of my dear friend embedded in my skin.

I captured his essence quite perfectly if I do say so myself, but he’s much more than a pretty face. He’s a sweetheart, a pure soul, a total goofball, and the most talented artist I’ve ever known.

Don't get me wrong. I have a wonderful life and an amazing family and I wouldn't trade a second of it, but after seeing him that day, a small part of me wondered what might have been. Now I know -- even if it’s a figment of my own imagination.

And, in a few hours, I'll share the story with all of you. <3

Thank you for letting me tell it.